5K #1 DONE

My first 5k race is over! It was… pretty good, yes. I was familiar with the first half of the course (it’s the trail in the park by work) so that part was ok; the second half was paved and very boring. At the halfway my time was 20:42 and my final time was 40:55.

Turns out that 3 other women from my work were running it too, so I hung out with them before the race. One took off like a shot once the race started, one stuck around with me for a bit, and one hung back with me for a while, but her pace was too fast and I wore myself out too early keeping up. My goal for the race was not to stop to walk, and I failed at that. It was awfully discouraging, but after a while I picked myself up and got running again. As I neared the end, I found that my friend had come back to get me and we ran the last quarter-mile together. That was really nice and definitely helped me to get myself together and fight to the finish.

I was a little surprised– the treadmill is easier than the trail but I actually made a little better time outside than I did in the gym training. Maybe the race day excitement got to me?

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