My calves are wrecked from Wednesday (Barefoot Shoes Strike Back!) so today I took a slightly different tack: run just 2 miles as fast as I could. Just over 21 minutes. Not too bad; I think I could’ve pushed a little harder actually. (The wrecked calves, however, were not helping.) Afterwards I took a long stretch and foam rollered everything out. Ow, calves! Ow, quads! Ow, outer buttular area! My legs are like “why you do?” But it’s just stiffness, nothing serious. I’ll just have to make a point to keep it loose over the weekend.

The assisted pullup/dip machine is my new favorite thing, I think. I always feel like a bad-ass when I use it. I even did a couple sets today after my run because, well, it’s fun! I’ll probably be sore tomorrow, though, since that’s two days in a row on the same muscles.

I guess if I can move at all this weekend I’ll chalk it up positive…

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1 Response to Soreness

  1. tlbflowllc says:

    Ha ha. My calves always get sore after running in my Vibrams!

    I hear you on the dang foam roller. Also, I’m too cheap to buy foam for a homemade foam roller (although my gym has actual foam rollers), so at home I just use a PVC pipe. That sucker hurts.

    Nice work with everything!

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