It’s still fun!

My partner and I hit the tennis court for the first time this year.  It was really fun!  I’m very rusty and he’s, um, pretty new to tennis so it was lots of chasing little yellow balls flying every which way but it still counts as activity.  Hopefully we’ll keep playing through the summer and get better at it.  Playing with another person is nice too!

All the running I’ve been doing has been great tennis conditioning– the game is sort of bursty, with spurts of quick movement followed by breaks– and I’m used to long periods of strenuous movement, so  I don’t get winded anymore. :)

I think I have a problem: by my door today I had 5 pairs of sneakers.  Two for running, one for the weight room (it’s a pair of “stability” shoes that didn’t work out to run in), one pair for tennis, and one pair of Pumas with rainbow-colored laces just for looking cool.  And, er, I’ve actually gotten rid of a couple old pairs recently.  No, I don’t need an intervention…

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