Taking it easy

Playing tennis yesterday stretched out a few muscles that hadn’t gotten used for a while (mostly the ones that move my legs laterally– skidding sideways across the court is nothing like running forward down the trail!) so I ran just 2 miles today in my minimalist shoes on the hot, hot trail.  It’s nearly 90 degrees out today!  For the last quarter-mile I kicked it into high gear, running fast (for me)– and some jerkface came flying up behind me and passed me and zoomed off into the distance.  Thanks, jerkface!

We’ll see how my calves react this time; maybe I need to just build the mileage back up in these shoes. The only problem is, when my calves get tight, that’s when Damn Foot (aka plantar fasciitis) acts up.  Such a complicated mess. (I have a plan to get fitted for a high-mileage comfy pair, but it’s going to have to wait a couple weeks.)

Wearing my tennis shoes yesterday reminded me of how much having poorly-fitting shoes sucks.  They’re too narrow, so my feet fall asleep after a while.  I’m much better at ignoring discomfort during activity than I used to be, but man, running around on numb foot-blocks is awfully annoying.

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