24 April, 2012 13:07

Reluctantly back to the gym– I managed to catch a cold while my parents were here visiting (probably too much stress and not enough sleep the week before) so I feel pretty crappy today. Nevertheless, J dragged me and I did an abbreviated lifting workout. It always feels good to get back to the gym after a break, though, and today was no exception.

It was good to see my parents, but as always they had a lot of weight-negative talk and I got up on my soapbox to argue. My dad especially– he’s started making nasty little jabs at my mom. (My dad is thin; my mom is not.) I’m not really sure why I even bother to discuss it with them, but it’s something I feel strongly about. My mom’s still fixated on exercise as an avenue to weight loss, which will then solve her problems– rather than realizing that exercise in itself will make her feel better. I’m frustrated, and I should probably just stop bringing it up…

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