Weight lifting laundry list

I’m going to make a solid effort this week to get to the gym! Today J and I went to lift weights and I did a full workout:

2×20 @ 15lb bicep curl (should get back to 20lb)
15 @ 12.5lb flys
2×15 @ 20lb bent-over row
2×20 @ 20lb oblique twists
25 situps
20 crunches
2×10 assist @ 130lb pullups*
2×10 assist @ 130lb dips
15 @ 15lb back extension
2×20 @ 80lb quad curls
2×20 @ 80lb hamstring extensions
2×15 @ setting 14 hip extension

And a good stretch and I think that’s it! Sorry for the long list; this is mostly for my own edification. Have I forgotten anything?

* The pullups I do 10 of each in 2 ways: once with an overhand grip, and once with a parallel grip. The parallel grip works the crap out of my forearms– they’re getting rather, well, beefy. It’s amusing but I’m not sure I’m a fan– I might back off that grip…

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