The perils of bananas

So I had in mind to do a 3 mile run today.  I went out to the trail, thought ‘eh why not’ and set my ipod for 3.5 miles.  Then I ran 4, ’cause it wasn’t so bad, right?  It was cloudy and warm and humid and smelled nice on the trail along the creek.  There’s some kind of plant blooming– it looks a lot like a wild rose, small white 5-petalled flowers and serrated almond-shaped leaves.  Whatever it is, it smells fantastic.  It’s those kinds of small joys that make the trail so much nicer than the treadmill!

Perhaps you’ve seen panicked news articles about the study linking spending time in the car driving with obesity?  (I saw it over on fatandnotafraid yesterday.)  I read the text of the paper, which plainly stated, “It is, of course, entirely possible that the correlation in the two trends is coincidental. The analysis did not control for factors such as diet, income, environmental contributors, and other lifestyle factors that can have a significant effect on obesity rates.”  It’s good to see such excellent, thorough scientific work being done on the subject– and it’s so great that the media has spread it far and wide.  (Sarcasm.)  Since, you know, I have access to numbers from the internet and Microsoft Excel and know how to run regression analysis (selecting ‘display trend on graph’ in the chart menu, right?), I thought I’d do some science of my own.  To my surprise, I found that BANANAS CAUSE OBESITY!

The trend lines are clear as day, showing bananas and obesity rising in tandem.  However, as banana consumption has dropped off, so has the rise in the obesity rate slowed!  This rock-solid result is going to net me a Nobel prize, I just know it.  Or at least an article in Science.

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3 Responses to The perils of bananas

  1. Tori says:

    Dang. And I used to like bananas.

    Wait. I still like bananas.

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