I love a challenge.

The other day I was bragging about my upper body strength (/flex, etc) but then I realized: I can’t do a standard pushup. I can struggle through a few of them knees-down, but after 10 of those I’m about done. So, it’s now my mission to be able to do some darn pushups. I tried a few yesterday, and I tried some today during my lifting workout.

On top of the pushup attempts, I did a pretty heavy upper-body workout with mostly dumbbells.

I’ve been using the weight machines for a long time and figured I was pretty strong. Heck, I can do 15 reps@110lb on the tricep pushdown machine! I’m buff, right? Okay, let’s grab a couple 15lb dumbbells and do tricep kickbacks, shouldn’t be so bad… wait, OW. This is really hard. Why is this so hard?! I’m buff :(

Long story short: I will be doing well if I can lift my arms tomorrow.

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1 Response to I love a challenge.

  1. Free weights are always better than machines because you have to stabilize and use more muscles!

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