Strong in body, strong in mind

Yet another Thursday lifting workout. My arms need a break! They’ll get one this weekend. For now, I’m contenting myself with lots of stretching. Standing around? Stretch those arms wide, grab your hands behind your back and stretch your chest. Push your palms together. In a meeting? Get into your back and shoulders, no one will notice. Roll that neck! Stretch out that side body! I’m sure I look ridiculous but whatever. It’s better than being stiff.

As I’ve become stronger in my body, I’ve noticed that I’m getting stronger in other things too. I’m more confident, and I’m much less willing to take crap from people than I used to be– I hate conflict, in general, but I’ll speak up for myself (and others too, when appropriate). It’s odd how having a stronger physical presence increases the force of my will. It’s still sort of scary to do it, but I feel more secure in myself and am much more willing to wade into conflict. I’m as stubborn as ever, just louder about it!

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