Reevaluating stretching

I’m afraid it’s reached the point of “too hot to run comfortably outside most days” now.  Yay summer in the swamp.  Pushups, then 3 miles on the treadmill today; not half bad but I kept having problems with my left foot falling asleep, which meant jumping off the treadmill, trying to adjust the laces of my shoe, and getting back on.  (Anyone got any tips for a sustainable way to lace my shoes? I’m doing the heel lock with the first 2 holes so adjustments are very involved.)  Something’s wonky with the insole too.  I just need to  work that all out.

I always heard that you should stretch lightly before runs, and I was a devotee  of getting into my calves before I started.  But lately I’ve been hearing otherwise– that you shouldn’t stretch before because your legs will get tight mid-run.  This kind of jives with what I’ve experienced in my second miles, so today I skipped my post warmup stretch.  Well, my calves were a little tight in the first mile instead.  After my run, though, my legs were lots less tight, and less tired.  We’ll see how they feel tomorrow and see if this works for me– I do like not having to take the time to stretch before. :)

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