Stat allocation

J is on vacation today (lucky him!) so I went to the weight room all by myself. It was okay, but I missed having him with me– we don’t really chat or anything but it’s a bit of moral support. I gave the bench press a try to see how much I could lift, since someone was asking about it. I used just the bar today, and it was too easy (not a surprise, but I wanted to be safe with no spot). I’ll have to add 10 pounds on Thursday and see how it treats me.

Some of you may have played role-playing games that have numeric stats– Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom, Endurance, Agility, and so on. Usually these stats are more or less fixed when you roll a character; they might go up through special equipment or perks, but only a little. Luckily, real life doesn’t work like that– if I didn’t allocate any points in Strength, it just takes some time in the weight room to raise that stat a couple points. Not that I’m regretting my Int build, but it’s nice to be flexible!

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