Guttin’ it out

Well, today is relatively cool, I guess (only 84) so I went out to the trail and ran 3 miles and some change.  The route I chose was an out-and-back where the last half mile is a pretty steep uphill grade and usually I just give up and walk after a block or so because I hate hills, but today I kept running up the whole darn thing.  I’m actually pretty proud that I gutted it out all the way.  I am tough!

When I got back I took a completely cold shower and stretched in there while I waited to cool down.  Stretching in the shower is pretty great.  I didn’t stretch before running again and it was fine.  I think that will work okay, provided my calves aren’t sore before the run.

I think I’ve got my shoes worked out; no blisters or feet falling asleep problems today.  I wound up taking the Superfeet insoles out and putting the original ones back in.  We’ll see how my feet feel tomorrow.  I really do enjoy the squishy ride of these new shoes; it’s so comfy.

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