J and I were reunited once more for a Thursday lifting workout. I’m seeing less of him, though, since I’m spending less time with the machines and more time with the free weights. Today I managed to 1) whack myself in the nose with a medicine ball doing back extensions; 2) screw up the leg curl machine, resulting in it dropping the weight stack mid-curl– the gym attendant came running to make sure I wasn’t hurt; and 3) fall over doing lungey quad stretches. I am tired and clumsy today. (I even got 8 hours of sleep for once– what gives?)

Bench press got +10 pounds on the bar today; it wasn’t hard hard but by the end of my 15 reps I was feeling it. I’ll put another 5 on next week, and I really ought to look into getting a spotter (puppy dog eyes at J?) I asked how much the bar weighed– turns out it’s not 20 pounds but 45. It’s always nice to find out that you’re lifting more than you thought you were!

I’m still doing the pushup challenge, but I’m finding that my chest is getting in the way of good form– about halfway down my boobs hit the floor, so I can either push back up from there, or drop the angle of my pelvis to angle them up to get my arms down and then I push up with my back dropped (definitely cheating). Insert rant about exercises designed by men for men. Apparently I’ll have to start binding to do this challenge.

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