Good enough

So, remember how on Friday I was complaining that I was tired and everything hurt and I felt crappy?  That all caught up to me over the weekend; I spent Sunday achy and feverish and miserable.  Luckily, today I felt mostly better– guess I just needed to get over it, whatever it was.  I didn’t run today but I decided to split the difference and do something useful, walking rather than driving the 3 mile round trip to the grocery store (the way back was harder, laden with groceries).  It wasn’t strenuous but it got me out and moving a bit.

The grocery store I went to today is a local health food co-op that’s one of my favorite places to shop in my neighborhood.  Mostly I go for bulk items like rice and dried fruit, but they have all kinds of tasty food.  While I was shopping, I kept running into these three people, a young couple and the woman’s mom– who telegraphed judginess at 50 feet.  (The store felt especially small today.)  I was standing next to them, bent over selecting a bunch of spinach, and she decided that was a great time to talk loudly to her daughter about how fat and disgusting the mom’s neighbor was, along with some other fat-hating goodness.  It was mildly annoying to me, but I felt worse for her daughter– my mom isn’t a paragon of fat acceptance but it was never outright hate, so I can’t imagine what that’s like.

Over the weekend I did some more pushups.  My partner has a set of those Perfect Pushup things and I gave them a try– it helped with my chest being in the way but they increase the range of motion you travel so the pushups themselves were harder and I could only do one of those.  I maxed out at 7 this time on my last rep though– improvement!

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1 Response to Good enough

  1. bobbieschae says:

    Keep up the great work! It only gets easier!

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