I can’t do everything

Today was another “run for 30 minutes” day. Lately I’ve been beating myself up for not running often enough– I haven’t been able to stick to a 3 runs per week schedule for a while, and I’d like to get back in the habit but I have a hard time finding time. So instead of feeling like I should run longer since I haven’t been running often, I’m constraining myself by time– if it’s short I can do it more, and do it better! No excuses. No guilt.

I always want to do everything. All the weight lifting! All the running! All the work and moving and going out and hobbies! Obviously I can’t do everything, and I certainly can’t do everything well. I’m trying to work on consciously editing my life to focus on the best and most advantageous things. Lots of this stuff isn’t critical. Let it go, get the good stuff rolling, and come back to visit it later. (And for goodness’ sake, stop shorting yourself on sleep!)

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2 Responses to I can’t do everything

  1. Caitlin says:

    I get excited when I can go a full week with all of my workouts as scheduled, because it so rarely happens. And then I get all down on myself, which my husband calls “shoulding on myself,” as in “stop shoulding on yourself.” Oh, the mixed pleasures of being married to a therapist…

    • G says:

      “Shoulding on myself” sounds close to what it feels like. I’m a planner and one of my biggest causes of disappointment is when plans fall through, so I think this is a good reminder that expectations aren’t reality yet and I don’t need to mourn them! “Shoulding” is a good way to say it.

      (English is great, isn’t it? We’re verbing our nouns all over the place.)

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