Proper mechanics

Yet another hard lifting day! Isn’t it supposed to get easier as I keep doing it? Added 10 lb to the squat bar and found it quite hard enough thank you very much. I let myself get deeper into the squat this time, not to the point of letting my quads/glutes release but low enough to make it pretty difficult; we’ll see how my legs (and my knees) are doing tomorrow. At the end of my usual routine I got on the assisted pullup machine– unsurprisingly, that was easier. All the pushups are doing good things for those little-used muscle groups.

Remember my angst over sit ups and potential for back issues and cheating? I figured that one out. Full sit up: not good for back. Crunch (bringing upper back off ground): too little motion. Half sit up (coming up enough to get my waist fully off the ground, then back down): burntastic, due to lack of rest at top of sit up. Whew! 40 of those and I will be sore tomorrow. I’m glad I found the proper mechanic for this.

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