Back to weight lifting today. Despite my love for functional fitness, I will take lifting dumbbells over carrying mattresses up flights of stairs any day. I’m still trying to do pushups, but I don’t think they’re getting any easier. Going from 0 to sets of 5 was okay; going from sets of 5 to 10 is kicking my butt. Maybe I’ll make some progress this week?

I found my Body Glide (hooray I can run tomorrow) and some other surprise– inside my toiletries bag I keep with my gym stuff I found a refrigerator thermometer. No idea how that got in there, but I’ll put it where it goes when I get home, I guess. Slowly but surely I’m getting unpacked.

I ran into my boss’s boss on the elevator on the way to the gym today and chatted with her a bit. She called out, “Enjoy!” as J and I left the elevator. I love that. I always tell people “Have fun!” when they tell me they’re going to work out. I like going to the gym– that’s why I’m still going! That would be my best advice to people who want to start a fitness routine: find something you enjoy doing and stick with it.

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