Keeping it together

I think the stress and changes and lack of sleep of the last week or two are catching up to me (along with impending doom, I mean, PMS). I was a wreck this morning, but I decided that instead of sitting teary at my desk, it would be better to go to the gym before I totally lost it. And I did go, and it helped. It wasn’t a great run but I got my 30 minutes in. Anytime I go to the gym it’s one small “Yay!” for myself, one accomplishment for the day. It makes me feel so much better– even if the rest of the day was poopy, at least I can say I went to the gym.

I was chatting with some gym ladies in the locker room, one regular who I always see lifting free weights (GET IT GIRL!) and one new person. New Person said she was so inspired by the people on the extreme weight loss shows, and she was sure that if they could do it, she could do it too! Regular and I sort of looked at each other and said well, those people have personal trainers and special diets and all kinds of nonsense. I feel sort of bad for bursting New Person’s bubble like that? I mean, she’s at the gym and that’s good! I don’t want to discourage her. But for me, unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment and that will kill my gym routine dead…

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