Mermaid wanna-be

Today was a good day: I spent 45 minutes at lunchtime swimming laps.  I think I need a bathing cap though.  I kept trying to breathe but my hair was in the way and I wound up sputtering.  Swimming is strange for me because it’s so low-impact.  When I’m running it’s very strenuous and I’m hot and sweaty and breathing hard and my legs are tired.  When I’m swimming, it’s strenuous too but the water cools me, I don’t get sweaty, nothing hurts (arms get a little noodle-y), and my breathing is so controlled.  When I’m running I often try to zone out a bit, check out the scenery, distract myself from my body.  When I’m swimming I am totally focused on my body– 3 strokes breathe, 3 strokes breathe, count to 11 breaths, there’s the end of the pool turn around and do it again.  They are different but both good.

I joke about my innate fish nature but I’m just one of of those people that takes to the water.  I’m happiest when I’m swimming around.

For the first time in years I’m getting tan.  For pasty me, this means I turn into one big freckle.  The freckles run into each other and then I’m darker.  At least I should be able to go out in the sun without burning now!

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