Monday is run day (hehe that rhymes) but there’s not a treadmill in sight, so I ventured out into the nasty summer heat and humidity.  Usually if the dew point is 70º or more, it’s not a good idea to run outside– sweating won’t cool you, it won’t evaporate and you’ll just get hotter and drippier. But I went out anyway, and made it through my 35 minutes without turning into a puddle.  Note to self: the earlier in the morning you run outside, the better!

I haven’t found a good trail here yet (they exist, but I need to check a map) so I ran on sidewalks along roads.  The terrain is rolling hills here; where I used to run it was mostly flat along creeks, with the occasional steep hill.  I miss the trees and the shade, but the hills aren’t so bad.  For every up there is a down.

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