A series of minor annoyances

Today wasn’t the most pleasant day at the gym, but I made my running goal at least.

Today is one of my gym’s twice-annual open houses, where they discount membership and have special programs and people come around and tour the facility– so I got to feel like I was in a fishbowl while I ran.

The run itself was pretty good, but I forgot my ipod at home so I was forced to use a new Nike+ app on my phone. (I use the Nike+ sensor to keep track of my runs. I hate when I forget it– for some reason, it feels like the run doesn’t count if I haven’t tracked it.) The new app was confusing and didn’t work very well; it proclaimed I had run 0.15mi in 35 minutes. That isn’t much of a run, is it? In reality, I ran about the same as always, nearly 3 miles, but I’m looking forward to uploading this run and destroying my average pace numbers. (Maybe I can find a way to delete it.)

In the locker room (while I was hurriedly dressing to try to beat the next tour group coming through) I made small talk with the gym newbie who had talked about The Biggest Loser before. She asked if I could zip her dress, so I did, then she complained about it being tight (it wasn’t) and I told her it looked nice (it did). I don’t think she believed me. That’s not annoying, but just a little sad.

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