Big Liftin’

Goals achieved for the day: Got my heavy lifts done and did not barf. Okay, a little context: I wasn’t feeling so great this morning (a reminder that I am getting older and should not party on school nights) and I was worried about the gym. Once I got to the gym though I was fine, and battled my way through full reps of the heavy lifts, including 85lb squats and 70lb bench presses. (Little wobbly on the bench press… maybe I should try that one on the Smith machine too, for now.) I feel much improved now.

So remember how on Sunday I said that I was going to run Sunday and not run again until Wednesday? Well, I failed at that, sort of. I wanted to swim yesterday but for some inexplicable reason the pool was closed, so I just went out for a walk. I found a trail around a local man-made lake (the lack of real lakes in this state saddens me) and checked if it went all the way around. Turns out that it didn’t, but part of the trail was a gravel path under trees and I miss proper trail running so I ran on that while it lasted. I saw a bit of wildlife, a crane and a family of rather testy Canada geese. There were a couple odd trails off into the brush but they were pretty overgrown and poison ivy means I go to the hospital for steroids so I decided against exploring those. It’s weird– I’ve moved out into the ‘burbs and it seems like there is less usable wild space out here than closer to the city.

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