A whole hour of laps at the pool today– that’s a lot of swimming.  I usually chunk it up into 10-lap pieces so I don’t get bored– it’s not like anything changes from chunk to chunk but it at least resets my brain.  I still like swimming a lot and I’m learning about myself from it– it seems like there’s only so much work I can do on one lungful of air.  The pace I set is pretty much the pace I can do; any more and I go anaerobic which is not terribly useful because then I have to stop and breathe if I don’t want to pass out and drown.  Above the water I would just breathe more, but I can’t do that when my head’s underwater for 3 strokes.  (Obviously the answer is: a snorkel.)

I’m also quite happy that my swim cap didn’t irritate my ear piercings this time.  Small blessings.

My pecs were sore this morning (thanks, bench press) and they loosened up during the swim but I think tomorrow’s going to be a lower-body focus in the weight room…

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