Wheel of change

It’s Thursday, so more lifting! I got sunburned yesterday at the pool so anything that involved lying on my back (flys, benchpress) was a little uncomfortable. (I need to get myself some spray sunscreen– I shouldn’t go out for an hour in the sun at noon without any sunscreen, but I can’t reach my own back.) For my bonus exercise today I chose hamstring curls, which were hard. Looks like that might be my next area of focus, butts and hamstrings…

After the lifting I did some quick yoga to stretch out, a few sun salutations and some twists. Just for fun I threw a couple Bridge poses in there; the next thing in the progression is Wheel, which I hadn’t tried for a while. Wheel has always been intimidating to me. It’s a Fancy Yoga Pose for Bendy People. For me, getting into the pose is a bit of a leap of faith– I put my hands and feet where they go and push up and hope for the best; if it doesn’t work out I might fall on my head or hurt my back. Before, I could just get into it but couldn’t hold it for more than a second or two. Something’s changed for me, though, because this time felt decidedly different, I pushed strongly into it, had a really nice backbend, and held the pose for a full 10 seconds before coming back down. I will have to play with Wheel some more and see what’s different.

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3 Responses to Wheel of change

  1. Sorry about the sunburn :( Better get that sunscreen!
    The wheel can be intimidating, i can’t do it.. yet :)

  2. I’m trying to get into sun salutations, but first I have to make some space for myself among my mess:)

    Sorry to hear about your sunburn:( I’m a burner myself.

    • G says:

      For me, sun salutations take about the space of a yoga mat. At my old apartment I used to practice in the tiniest space. You don’t need too much!

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