Lower body focus

Lifting today! Since I’m switching my focus to the lower body, I added a bunch of things to my bucket today: hip/glutes exercises of various kinds, extra reps of squats, and hamstring and quad curls. My legs will probably be wrecked tomorrow. Unfortunately they were kind of wrecked to begin with– (getting a little TMI here) some vigorous, er, intimate activity over the weekend left my hips and glutes really sore. (That always seems to happen! It’s awful. I probably need to work on my flexibility.) The tightness in my hips messed things up all the way down my legs. Today I stretched and foam rollered and we’ll see how things are tomorrow.

As I stretched, I chatted with my coworkers that I go to the gym with about the Olympics. My female coworker was really annoyed at the coverage in the local paper of the swimmer Missy Franklin, who was described as sweet and girlish outside the pool but mean and violent (the writer said she “knifes” opponents) in. ‘Cause, you know, if women are competitive they’re no longer girlish, right? She’s writing a letter to the editor.

I’m enjoying having a dedicated locker at the gym– and sometimes it’s really useful. Today I packed up my gym bag in a hurry and forgot to pack my toiletries bag. However, my shampoo and soap were in the locker, so I could still have a proper shower. I can deal with not having my mascara one day, but being clean is kind of an essential for me!

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