Today was the latest installment in the Run For Time™ program. Today: 40 minutes, with a total of 3.25mi in it. It’s been a while since I used the treadmill, but I do appreciate doing my workout in an air-conditioned gym instead of the swampy great outdoors.

The run itself was pretty darn good– I felt good, my legs felt good, and I tackled that 40 minutes with no breaks. My playlist was very cooperative today– the second song it shuffled was this really uncharacteristic song that turns out to be excellent to run to: Test For Echo by Rush. It’s one of those “mid-tempo rockers”, not the upbeat dancey music that I usually put on my ipod, but it works! (I like Rush a lot anyway.)

I’m having all the Feelings today. This morning I was a mess, holding back tears at my desk, but I dragged myself to the gym and got a serious rush of endorphins along with the feeling of accomplishment for finishing the workout. Now I’m a bit more stable– hopefully it sticks. (After today I’m off to vacation!) A lot of the time it really does help me to just stop what I’m doing and go blow off some steam. I tend to get into funks when I’m stressed and I sit around and think about things and start rehashing all kinds of crap. I can’t do that when I’m running– I have to shift my focus away from all the things going on and just focus on myself, my most primal body, for a bit. It helps.

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1 Response to Feelings

  1. Running really is like therapy :) we just gotta remind ourselves when we feel too stressed to work out that the work out itself will HELP the situation!

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