Strong fat awesomeness

Back to the gym to lift weights with J today. It was okay; I didn’t seem to have lost too much by missing a few sessions. I threw an extra 10 pounds onto the second set of my bench press, which brought it up to 95lb! That’s exciting to me. It was tough though.

I follow some folks on tumblr who post a lot of “fitspo” pictures, which mostly involves a lot of conventionally-attractive women lifting weights while wearing tiny shorts and sports bras. (Tiny shorts and sports bra seems to be the official uniform for female athletes these days.) Upon seeing one too many pictures of attractive women lifting light weights, I grumpily posted to tumblr that I should take pictures of myself lifting heavy weights and put them in the fitspo tag–oh wait, no one wants to see that since I’m not a conventionally attractive woman! But lots of people replied that they would love to see me doing feats of strength, so maybe I will get someone to take some pictures and I will bomb tumblr with my strong fat awesomeness.

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3 Responses to Strong fat awesomeness

  1. Do it! Didn’t I send you the link for the video project (MyBallonBurst on tumblr in case there’s any confusion)? I don’t follow fitspo or fitblr for those very reason. It’s just thinspo with a few more muscles, rarely even big muscly muscles.

    I’m wanting to get into free weights, but the only gym here is a women’s gym that only has the machines. blah. I want big muscles! rawr!

    • G says:

      Yes! I got the link but I’m just getting around to looking at it. The tumblr app on the phone lacks functionality and this is the first time I’ve turned on my desktop computer since I got back from vacation…

      Machines work well enough but I truly didn’t start having progress in feeling like a badass until I started using free weights. Have you thought about getting a set for home if there isn’t a gym nearby? Even a couple pairs of dumbbells will do it.

      • yeah, but right now i can’t afford the good stuff. i have a couple of 5# & i think 2#. i’ve been looking at at least some 10# to add, i am weak in the upper body, but they just aren’t high enough on my priority list atm. but hopefully soon, after a rabbit cage, new running shoes, & a new phone >_< but i'm sure something new will break between now & then.

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