My schedule today is weird and results in me staying late tonight at work, so I thought it would be good to take a chunk of time this morning and go for a long run outside. About 1.5 miles in to said long run, I realized I was really dehydrated. I managed to finish up the 4 miles I had planned but it was not my best performance. I spent a lot of time gazing longingly at the creek as I ran alongside it. Now that I’m back indoors, I’m gulping down water by the liter (and tea by the… cup?), hoping to stave off the migraine that’s creeping up on me.

I haven’t run through the park by work for a while; it was nice to get back there. Lots of people were out walking their dogs, many unleashed– I’m not a big fan of that (I’ve heard enough horror stories about dogs chasing runners). A little Sheltie ran along with me for a bit though, which was cute. After a while it just stopped and waited for its owners to catch up again, and I kept on going. Other than humans and dogs, the only wildlife I saw were lots of tiger swallowtail butterflies. I still need to explore the trails around my new house; they’re not within walking distance but maybe on a weekend it would be nice to drive to a park and go for a run. At least it might be a little quieter than the urban parks I’m used to.

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