Little goals, big goals

Finally hit 100lb! For both bench press and squats, actually. The first sets of 10 I did at 95lb, then I threw another 10lb on the bar and cussed my way through another set of each. (Okay, not out loud.) I came pretty close to my physical limit (aka “There’s no way I can hold my arms up anymore”) on the last bench rep, which was a little scary.

Now that I hit this goal I had set, I’m sort of surprised that I don’t feel any different– maybe I had this idea that I’d feel like Superwoman after being able to lift zomg so much weight? I feel about as strong as I felt months ago when I started the free weights, but I guess I haven’t really had occasion to use it (aside from moving house– that was great!) My personal goals for fitness have been about doing more, better: running/swimming longer/faster, lifting more, being more flexible. But it was always important to me for it to be practical, too. Being stronger means I can more easily move myself and other items through space, which is cool– but I wonder what the ceiling is, and what the curve of work looks like to get there, and how feasible that is. I wonder if being able to lift, say, 200lb will provide twice as many benefits, and how long getting to that point will take? To put it in math nerd terms, I wonder where my asymptotic limit is, and where the curve of effort vs output goes from linearish to exponential…

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