Slowly getting faster

Long weekend coming up, long run today. 45 minutes on the treadmill, about 3.75 miles, staring at the morning news showing dumb politics nonsense– it wasn’t very pleasant, but I guess it’s better than running outside in the sticky heat. I ran the first mile much faster than normal then spent the rest of the time feeling tired– so it goes. But one of my goals is to get faster, and slowly (har) but surely I’m pushing that one.

I ran into Biggest-Loser-Fan-Gym-Newbie lady again in the locker room– it turns out that she goes to the gym the same time as me now. Every time I see her she gives me the same set of lines about how many calories she’s burning and her diets and how it’s not enough and praying for strength not to eat junk food (yes, out loud) and I’ve realized that she’s really just talking to herself and she doesn’t want feedback from me, she just wants to talk. So I just need to figure out a strategy to avoid engaging, one that doesn’t involve changing the time I go to the gym.

Tomorrow I’m trying something new: my partner and I are heading up into the mountains to take a kayaking lesson on a river and do a 4-hour trip downstream. I’m excited! Hopefully I’m not too sore or tired.

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3 Responses to Slowly getting faster

  1. Constance says:

    I haaaaate that, when I get into the gym and I have to take out my headphones every few minutes because someone is trying to talk to me… HEY let me finish my workout in peace! Damn.

    Love that you lift weights, we need more women confident enough to get to the free weight section of the gym and rock it! ;)

    • G says:

      The free weight section is the best! I feel like a total badass over there. I’m usually alone when I’m there (I go to the gym at a quiet time in the morning) so no one can bear witness to my badassery. Just as well. :)

  2. That sounds like fun! I love kyaking, anything on the water really.

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