Usually Tuesdays are weight lifting days, but J is out and I felt like running instead, so that’s what I did. Just to make it extra fun, I did 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill: 1 minute fast, 4 minutes normal, repeat. It was a good, tough workout and afterwards I went to lunch with a friend and sat there slightly dazed and prone to staring off. (Luckily she understands; she’s a runner too.) I’m going to try to get 30 minutes of running in every day this week I think, just to see how it goes. I’ve been pretty adamant on not running back-to-back days but I wonder if my legs can take it now.

About 10 minutes into my workout a woman from my office came into the cardio room. She waved and then got on a treadmill and ran– I’d never seen her run before, she’s always done the elliptical machine. Yay more people running! She held onto the handrails as she ran though, and I’m not sure if I should mention it and encourage her to keep her hands free and let her upper body float. I’m leaning toward just letting her do her thing.

Kayaking on Saturday was a blast! It was a 4-hour deal; the first half hour or so we spent on land with the guide/instructor getting the basics, then the other 3.5 hours we went down the river to get some practice while the instructor taught us some techniques and guided us through rocky parts. It was lots of fun but it was HOT! I was sweating all over the place as I paddled, and my partner wound up getting heat exhaustion, which was scary. Luckily he’s okay (the guide was an EMT and took good care of him)! Next time we’ll do a shorter session and on a cooler day.

When I do activity with other people I often forget that I’m pretty fit and strong and that maybe not-as-fit people aren’t going to be able to keep up with me. I push myself at a pretty intense level but I have this weird internalized thing that if fat ol’ me can do it, anyone should be able to– which is pretty bullshit and I wind up regretting pushing so hard when my companions are weary (or have heat exhaustion) and I’m still going. I’ve been wrestling with feelings about this.

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