This appears to be working…

Treadmilled my way to 3 miles in 35 minutes this morning. Hey, that’s not half bad! And on non-fresh legs, too. I am pretty pleased that this weird strategy is getting me decent results– I’m getting faster and increasing my endurance while raising my overall activity level.

Now if only my big toes would get with the program and stop blistering, we’d be all set. (Not that I even really notice, anymore.)

The cardio room at my gym is pretty small, and there are 6 treadmills, 7 elliptical machines, 5 or 6 exercise bikes and a stairclimber packed in there. It gets terribly stuffy, especially when the sun shines in the 2 walls of windows and heats the room up. Luckily, there are a couple fans in the room– I appreciate a little breeze in the middle of a run, once I’m drippy and miserable. The folks on the elliptical machines hate the fans, though: most of them will say something about needing to "sweat out toxins" or something and turn them off. Noooo! I needed that! At least most people are polite and ask beforehand. I glare at the backs of the people who don’t ask.

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