5k kind of day

The plan for today’s workout kept shifting. Since I felt cruddy yesterday, I was shooting for 30 minutes. Then I felt better this morning, so I changed that to 35 minutes. Then, since I hadn’t worked out on Monday, I thought about revising that to 40 minutes. In the end, I sort of split the difference and said "I’ll run for however long it takes me to get to 5k today." That turned out to be 38 minutes. Good enough.

I ran into gym-newbie-Biggest-Loser-fan lady (I suppose she’s not really a newbie anymore!) and she said she wished she could run like me, that she assumed I walked until she turned around today and saw me truckin’ along on the treadmill. I said I’d been practicing and working on it a long time, and told her about the Couch to 5k program. Maybe she’ll check it out. (I’m such a shameless evangelist for C25k.)

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1 Response to 5k kind of day

  1. John says:

    You cant beat the c25k programme. :)

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