Trail tested

There’s a trail about 2 miles from my house that runs through a wooded area and along a creek.  I hadn’t gone to check it out yet, since 2 miles is too far to run to then run some more, but today I drove out there.  In one direction was the upper trail, in the other the lower trail; I chose the upper one today, hoping it wouldn’t be muddy from yesterday’s rain.

The trail was narrow, well marked (just follow the blue blazes) and leaf litter made it hard to see the path in places.  I didn’t see much wildlife, though I did startle a deer.  There were plenty of rocks and tree roots to turn my ankle on (I was extra careful, so I only did once) and the trail was quite steep in places as it headed up and down the foothills of the area.  The lowland areas were muddy and overgrown.

I went out for 30 minutes and covered just 2 miles, according to my GPS.  I wasn’t pushing for speed and I gave myself permission to walk in places where it was steep or too rocky/branchy to run safely.  Next time I’ll check out the lower trail and see if it’s a bit more navigable.

But! It was really a nice day and it was good to get out and enjoy the fall weather.  I saw several families and was passed by one mountain biker.  It was a good time.

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