“Do you want me to lift up the bar for you?”

I went, I lifted, I endured major rudeness.

I was in the free weights room finishing up my dumbbell lifts and I noticed that the bench press was loaded up and its user was nowhere to be seen. "Huh, that’s funny. Who was the rude person who left it loaded?" After a while a guy came back and did a set. "Oh, okay." Then he disappeared again. I passed over bench press in my list and did good-mornings in the squat rack instead, and the guy finally came back, did another set, and racked the weights. Fair enough. I did my sets of bench presses, racked my weights, then looked over at the Smith machine: loaded and deserted. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting, then finally I was like screw this and pulled his plates off– just in time for him to wander back into the room. Fantastic. Then he said, "Oh I was just resting between my sets. You can work in if you want." I said, "Sure, I’m just doing one set." I started to load up the bar– and in my frustration, totally forgot how much I was going to put on there and picked up two 35lb plates. (For incline press? No. No way. For deadlifts? Sure!) So I get the bar loaded up with too much weight and then this jerk has the nerve to say, "Do you want me to lift up the bar for you?" After I decline his kind, manly offer and try to do my lifts– and well, I’m not having too much luck because there’s way too much weight on there. After 3 ridonk reps I mutter, "It’s just going to be one of those days, isn’t it" and get up, swap the 35s for 25s, do another crappy couple reps (still too heavy, stop being stupid G) and more or less rage-quit the weight room. So much for my workout zen.

No, dudebros, the weight room is not yours. You have to share. Even if there’s a woman in there. Yes, women use the weight room too. While you’re at it, stop assuming that a woman in the weight room needs or wants your help. If she does, she’ll ask. If she doesn’t ask, leave her alone.

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