Post-run brain fog

A meeting threw my schedule out of whack today, so I had to go to the gym at a different time. It wasn’t a huge deal; I went to the gym a little early and did a long run– 5k in just over 37 minutes. It was draining. After I finished the run I was not hot but cold, and I took a hot shower and dressed and headed back to work. In the elevator I ran into a coworker, who started asking me about the details of a project– and it took me way longer than it should have to dig the answers to his questions out of my brain and turn them into garbled, barely-intelligible speech.

Then I sat in a meeting for an hour and managed to not only poorly communicate my thoughts but also inadvertently snark at a superior. Thanks, brain fog. Luckily lunch is coming up soon and I can get some energy to my brain so it’ll start working again.

Meanwhile, I think I will avoid long runs on days when I know I’ll have to talk to people afterward. I’m bad enough at talking when my brain is working properly, no need to add to that.

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