Magic pill

Full workout today: ran a fast mile, then lifted all the things. (There were no jerkfaces in the weight room this time– yay!) I feel like I’m making progress; I managed more bench press reps and had a little easier time with my other lifts. I included good-mornings and squats and deadlifts today– I forgot how fun squats were. Hard, but fun. And today I put 10lb plates on the machine for incline press, which was much more reasonable than the 35 I attempted the other day. Triceps of steel: I will have you.

My lower back has really been bothering me the past week or two. I thought it might be instability or weakness given the heavier lifts I’ve been working on, but making my lower back muscles stronger hasn’t seemed to help much. I’m starting to suspect either 1) crunches being bad for my back; or 2) it’s not actually my lower back but my hip flexors (which are chronically tight) that are the problem. Or maybe a bit of both. I hate to give up crunches though…

The other day the gym ladies and I were in the locker room and someone said they wanted a pill that they could take so they didn’t have to go to the gym. Someone else piped up, "Well while you’re at it, can you make it put money in my bank account every time I take one too?" Might as well make it a good one, if you’re going to wish for a magic pill.

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2 Responses to Magic pill

  1. Tori says:

    I just want the pill that puts money in my bank account. I will handle the working out thing on my own. :P

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