Curiously tough

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited to go to the gym before.  Getting back to the office and back to my workout routine was the nicest thing.  I gung-ho’edly set the timer to 35 minutes.  Yeah!  Gonna run!  Then… wow! This is hard!  I felt dehydrated and tired.  In the end I ran just shy of 3 miles but it wasn’t quite the euphoric experience I had imagined.

I managed to get something sort of like a workout in yesterday: a couple sets of pushups, some situps, and a good solid block of the video game Dance Central for cardio-ish.  Dance Central is fun, but for some reason every time I play it my knees complain.

I looked at the soles of my running shoes today– they’re starting to wear out.  (I must have a nice gait: the worn spot is right in the middle of my forefoot.)  My logs say I’ve only run a little over 100 miles on them, so I’m not sure why they’re so worn.  It might be time to start thinking about a new pair, though.

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