Double dose

Twice the workout fun on Friday. (I had some time to kill; I’m waaaaay over my hours this week (yay flex) but I need to be in the office the whole day– so I gave myself permission to do extra gym time.)

Round 1: 40 minutes on the treadmill, 3 miles and some change. I’m sore from all the lifting yesterday, so my legs were pretty tired and I took it slow. But I was happy to do a long run.

(Short interlude here; 1.5 hours at my desk.)

Round 2: Yoga class! It’s been a while since I went; I missed it. We did lots of interesting stuff in class today, including "Tree in a hurricane hopping on one leg" (in honor of Sandy, of course) and a moon salutation (new to me, and unusual– but I learned that I can use a support under my heels during squats because I am inflexible). The Tree variation was fun– the instructor put on the song "Moves Like Jagger" and we all hopped around like silly children. Unfortunately, that meant the song was still going through my head in Shavasana. I don’t even like that song… But as usual, I feel fantastic after class, and full of focus.

Random tidbit: yesterday I got a flu shot (just a teeny poke!) I thought I might have some elevated immune response today, but so far it’s just my deltoid being slightly more sore. I’m hoping to avoid the flu this year.

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