Two days’ worth

Not at once! I forgot to blog my workout yesterday.  It was a fairly average lifting workout.  I did pullups first, and found that my arm sockets were… not painful, but not happy.  I don’t know if all the small moving parts have kept up as I make the big muscles stronger, so I ought to be careful. Also, the guy who was the weight room jerk was back today, and he was kind and racked his weights in a timely fashion.  I appreciated that, and he is now off my shit list.

I shouldn’t be allowed to put off my workout until the afternoon (it’s warmer then!)  I spent the morning fidgeting in my chair.   I finally got out for a run around 4; the sun was starting to go down but it was still fairly nice out.  As soon as I started running I had pretty major pain in my left foot and ankle.  In retrospect, I should’ve called it right away but instead I toughed it out through 25 minutes.  I think something is very unhappy in my foot bones; it hurts a lot when I bend my foot transversely.  I’ve chalked the leg fatigue up to needing new shoes (planning to go this weekend and take care of that) but this is way different and worrying.

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