Slowing it down

Better safe than sorry, right?  Since I’m having weird foot pains, I’m taking a week off running* before I try to make any changes, to let any nagging issues heal.  Therefore, today I went out for a hour’s brisk walk wearing my old minimalist shoes, covering 3.5 miles (thanks GPS!).  I found the entrance to the lower trail too, which was good because I couldn’t find it the other day.  It took me 25 minutes to walk there, so I only spent 10 minutes in the park.  My music’s shuffling was especially kind– it gave me a nice solid block of Discipline/Genesis/Rush, and the long songs made the time go by quickly!

I expected to get more random honks/drive-by harassment in my new ‘hood, since here I’m running mostly along streets instead of trails– but people have been well-behaved.  Occasionally a jerkface will honk or slow down for a better look, but nothing major so far (knock on wood).

* All right, I cheated a little bit and ran once I got onto the trail.  Because, seriously, running through the woods is the best thing.  Just gently, though.  It really was a lovely trail, and I’m looking forward to using it more once I’m back in form.  I might even be able to talk my partner into hiking it with me…

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