A little more vanity

J and I went to the gym early this morning and had to hurry; there was a meeting scheduled during our normal gym hour so time was short.  I managed to get in a full lifting workout though!  There was another man in the weight room with me; he had put the 25lb plates on the bench press and when he finished, I asked him to leave them on the bar because I wanted to use them.  He looked confused and said, “These ones?”  Yes, those ones.  It’s okay.  My arms won’t break.  Thanks.

I tried non-Smith squats with an extra 10lb on the bar.  It was okay but I’m not sure if my form is good– my ankles have proven to be very inflexible, which means I’m leaning forward a bit and can’t get as deep into the squat as I’d like.

I got a haircut over the weekend and it’s a pretty radical departure from my previous style.  I washed it on Monday and didn’t do anything with it, and it went POOF and it was very scary to behold.  So this morning I was anxious to have enough time to try to do my hair!  It turned out well enough after blowdrying with a round brush and a bit of product– and reminded me how much I like my hairdresser, she always manages to make sure my hair is easy (for which I am very grateful).

The fronts of my legs are sore.  Thanks, minimalist shoes.  This is your doing, isn’t it– all that lifting up my toes…

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