Update from the long weekend

I hope my readers who celebrate American Thanksgiving enjoyed their holiday, had their fill of turkey and goodies, and had a restful long weekend!  (I hope the folks elsewhere had a nice weekend as well!)

I had some pleasant activity over the weekend, nothing too structured but really enjoyable.  On Friday my partner and I took advantage of the free weights in his parents’ basement.  They worked well enough and I got an adequate workout, but I missed all the fancy stuff at my gym.

On Sunday I talked my partner into going for a short hike.  We went to the trail nearby and walked around for an hour and a half, enjoying the chilly weather.  I totally overdressed– I had to shed layers to stay comfortable– hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.  It would be cool if we could make hiking a regular activity together; I really enjoy it and would love to start doing longer day hikes.

I think my feet are back to baseline so now I need to hunt down a pair of new shoes.  (Still.)  Maybe this afternoon I’ll have time to head to the running store and get fitted… I liked my Nikes but they changed the model (every year, sigh) and I had enough problems with heel slippage that I’d like to try something different, maybe a wider toe box and narrower heel…

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