Keeping up appearances (or not)

Lifting today felt good– it was just what I needed to help me out of a cranky funk. It’s time to bump up some of the weights! 2×10@95lb bench press wasn’t much of a challenge– I even added 2 reps to the last set just to hammer the point home. I think I’ve got my un-Smithed squat balance worked out, so I should add weight to those too.

When I’m using the gym at work, I don’t shower at home before I leave since I’ll be showering after my workout in the morning. This usually works out pretty well, but not always. I last washed my hair on Sunday night, dried it by sleeping on it (causing it to curl and stick up everywhere), and didn’t do anything with it on Monday since I was working at home. This morning it was pretty spectacularly horrible. I covered it with a winter hat for as long as I could but once I got to the office I had to take the hat off and deal with it (and add hat hair to the mix as well). Naturally my boss came to talk to me, too. (Now I’ve showered and styled my hair into submission. But it was pretty scary.)

Since I don’t do any sort of appearance-wrangling in the morning before I leave (other than brushing my hair and teeth) I’ve gotten in a habit of grabbing pieces of clothing out of the closet and putting them on without thinking too hard about it. Today’s selection is a sweater that just plain fits weird– it’s both too big and too short. I’m bringing cropped oversized twinsets back, I guess.

I also forgot my toiletries bag at home. (Luckily I have shampoo, soap and deodorant in my locker.) I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do wear some– I feel naked without mascara, and since I dyed my hair darker I’ve been penciling my pale, sparse brows in a bit. But no makeup for me today… I’m going to keep count of all the people who tell me that I look "tired". Also, hand lotion isn’t the best substitute for face lotion. It stings– but it’s better than itchy dry skin.

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