I miss running…

I’m still taking a break from running. So the challenge has been to find suitably intense exercise that works as a replacement and gets closest to giving me happy running brain.

Today I tried 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike. It didn’t really do the trick. At all. I had a book to read (a book about running, ironically) so the time passed quickly enough, but even though I was sweaty at the end of the workout it didn’t feel like I had done anything. I wound up hopping on the treadmill for "just a mile" after it all, but after half a mile my hurty legs asked me to stop…

I programmed the bike on a hill setting and the easy parts were way too easy– like pedals free easy– so I turned the resistance up, only to find that the hard parts were way too hard– like unable to move the pedals hard– so I had to turn it back down. It was all very unsatisfying. Next time I’ll just use the manual setting.

You know, I never really understood why runners had a hard time taking time off when they got hurt. I understand it better now.

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2 Responses to I miss running…

  1. fatassguidetotheuniverse says:

    you should try using a spin bike or going to a spin class if you can. you may like it, for me it’s right up there with running.

    • G says:

      That’s a really good idea! A friend of mine who had to take time off from running said that spin class worked for her, too. Thanks for suggesting it, I’ll check it out!

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