Making the best of it

I felt pretty cruddy this morning– both my guts and my uterus had combined their forces to wage war, good times– and I was sorely tempted to skip the gym. However, the prospect of spending the workday unshowered was enough of a deterrent to make me go. And once I was there, I might as well do something.

I figured 30 minutes on the bike (on manual setting, this time) would be enough. And it was, and I showered and went about my business for the day.

On my way out, Fan-Turner-Off Man asked me if I liked the bike better. My response was an emphatic “I hate it! I’d much rather be running.” He asked if my knees hurt, and I said no, my foot. FTO Man seems to have knee problems– he wears bands below them. I wonder what those do?

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3 Responses to Making the best of it

  1. I have no idea what those bands do. I have knee problems & have wondered about it.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Those are patella knee bands. They are supposed to alleviate pain that comes from runner’s knee. I used to wear one when I first started running, but I don’t really need it anymore because my quads are strong enough and my form is better, so I don’t get the knee pain I once used to get.

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