New shoe test!

Over the weekend I got a new pair of running shoes, and I waited until I went to the gym today to give them a try on the treadmill. (I would’ve run in them sooner, but I don’t know how well the store would like me returning a pair of shoes all grubby from the road/trail.) I switched styles again (and sizes, eep– the woman at the store sized me as a 9W), so I was a little unsure. The folks at the running store let me take the shoes out for a spin to help me choose, but that was just a short run around the block. However, today’s short pre-lifting mile was good– no more foot/calf pain! Tomorrow I’ll run a longer distance in them and make a final call, but I think they’re fine. (They are pink, though. I guess that’s marginally better than my old, ugly grey and yellow shoes.)

When I was done with the treadmill, I went to lift weights– all by myself, since J was out. I’m still trying new things, and I found a couple ab exercises that work the right muscles without tweaking my back: weighted crunches on the ball, and cross-body cable pulls for my obliques. For some reason I love working my obliques, and when I’m sitting around I’ll randomly flex them– no reason, it’s just sort of fun. Maybe I should try bellydancing at some point; it might be right up my alley.

Speaking of dancing, yesterday’s little workout (that I didn’t write about– bad blogger!) was an hour or so playing Dance Central, a game for Xbox that uses the Kinect sensor. It’s really fun! It combines two things I really like: dancing and video games. It’s not something you can just pick up and start doing, though; each song has a number of moves that you have to learn and practice and string together, so depending on your level of coordination it might take some time to get to the point where you can perform the song.

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