Soreness = Adaptation

I took the new shoes for a longer spin today, 30 minutes on the treadmill. I put my Superfeet insoles in the shoes this time and it was pretty okay, despite having some hot spots, slippy heel and other assorted lacing troubles. (Left foot needs to be looser, right foot needs to be tighter in the mid-foot. Taking notes so I remember. Lacing might as well be rocket science!) I’m afraid I’ve lost some conditioning from my break; I took it slow and it was still a little difficult. The first 5-10 minutes my calves were tight and a little hurty, which might be a problem, but hopefully I just need to get used to the shoes, since they have a smaller heel to toe drop than my old ones. I’ll stretch well and take a rest day from running tomorrow.

I’m pretty sore this morning, especially in my pecs and triceps and abs. Since it’s not sore-to-the-point-of-can’t-move, this is good! Soreness means I worked the muscle hard enough to tear it up a bit, and when it heals it’ll be stronger. In fancy lifting parlance, this is called overload (the working part) and adaptation (the healing stronger part). So I don’t mind getting sore from lifting all that much, really. It means I’m doing it right.

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2 Responses to Soreness = Adaptation

  1. I have the worst time at lacing! I always seem to end up w one shoe too loose & one too tight. It’s why I switched to speed laces, but the laces in my new shoes are so cute I haven’t had the heart to switch them out >_<

    • G says:

      Huh! I’ve never seen those Speedlaces things before, but they look pretty cool! The quick tension adjustment would be useful– usually I’ll just run with too-tight/too-loose laces rather than taking the time to stop and untie/fix/re-tie them.

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