Locker room apologies

I focused on upper body lifts today in the weight room and concentrated on my form. I’d been getting a little sloppy with some of the dumbbell stuff, using the rest of my body to move the weight instead of the muscle I was working on. Not surprisingly, the lifts felt harder and I am wiped out.

Afterward I stretched, focusing on my lower body this time. My calves are tight (yesterday’s calf raises on the leg press machine did a number on them) and I spent some time with some approximation of lying big toe pose and also malasana (squatting). A couple weeks ago I noticed some interesting stuff going on with malasana, so I resolved to sit (or squat, rather) with it for a while and listen to my body. Today it got into my Achilles and my feet– deep into my feet, in the crunky parts that often get unhappy when I run. This is good to know– I’ve always suspected that tightness in the backs of my legs translates into the foot issues, so it’s very helpful to have a way to stretch out the lower end of that system, plus it might be helping the flexibility of my ankles.

After my workout and shower I was in the locker room getting dressed. Another woman was in there too, and she walked a couple yards unclothed to grab her dress off the hanging rack and started to apologize to me.

Her: Sorry, I’m walking across the locker room naked…

Me: It’s a locker room, that’s what it’s for!

Her: Sure, but not when you’re my size. (Note: she was of reasonably average size; I am bigger than her.)

Me: I do it all the time. Laughs.

Her: But you like work out work out.

Me: So?

I will be the first to admit that I have very little modesty in the locker room (modesty takes too much time) but apologizing there for having a body is a very silly thing. I guess she was just trying to be polite in case I was deeply uncomfortable with naked bodies, but I was standing there in my skivvies too! Ah well.

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