Shoe confusion

I’m back on the gray, cold mainland and feeling a little bit bummed about it. I miss the sunshine and I didn’t even see a single rainbow!  But I got out for a 30 minute run and covered 2.5 miles– a solid enough pace for me, today.  I worked hard to push up the hills on my road route, and I felt good about that.  Someday, though, I would like to start training for longer distances again…

I’m not completely sold on these new shoes.  I took the Superfeet out and that helped the heel slippage a little bit, but it’s still there and my toes are falling asleep, too.  I’ve put quite a few miles on these shoes already and I’m not sure if the store will take them back now, but I hate to waste the money I’ve spent on them.

Do all runners have such fussy feet, or is it just me?  I feel like I’m always hunting for the “right” shoe but I can never find quite what I’m looking for.  But then… I’ve had shoe issues all my life I guess, so it’s probably just the consequence of having wide, high-arched feet.

(They do make good flippers though!  Maybe I am better adapted for the water.  It feels like it, when I’m swimming.)

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